Let us carry you through some of our homes

Champion Homes

3258-03 The Alder

3264-01 The Belle Vue

2852-02 The Spruce Pine

1676-11 The Cyprus

3262-02 The Silver Birch

CTN-75C The Catena

3264-05 The Mountain Ash

1676-10 The Willow Oak

Our New Home

Take look and Fall into Paradise !!

Here is some 3D interactive view of different homes:

The Mon Reve 3276 10:

The Queens 2864 04:

The Yonkers2860 07:

The Manhattan 3264 04:

The Hanover 2456 01:

Here are some floor plans that will get your heart racing!!

The Lakeview:

The Biltmore:

The Mon Rev:

The Riverside:

The Tryon:

Dutch 3276 08:

The Salisbury:

Our thinking is that big does not always mean better. We are a small company but yet we provide approximately 85% of all new housing being established in our area.

Come to see us and you will have ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE.